a wooden desk with two drawers on the top and one drawer at the bottom, in front of a driveway
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Early 20th Century Antique Cherry Kneehole Partner Desk With 3 Piece Leather Top Inlay and Brass Drawer Pulls

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Antique Cherry Kneehole partner Desk With 3 piece leather top inlay and brass drawer pulls. Beautiful 7 drawer desk with cherry veneer that is very sturdy but not to heavy. All the drawers open and close smoothly as they should. The leather top inserts have that old burl wood cracked look to them but are in very good shape with no holes, tears, or cuts, ect. and tooled gold gilt decorative border around each piece. There are a few smudges (maybe ink) or rough spot imperfections on leather surface but it is not un level and still has a very smooth writing surface. The desk has an uncommon shape. It’s almost a rectangle but the front bows out on both sides where the drawers are and then recesses back straight in the front middle. It’s a very appealing design that maximizes space. Desk is in excellent condition with minor wear and imperfections to the woods surface and the leathers surface consistent with its age and use but I would guess it still easily has another hundred years or so left in it. Pictures are considered part of description so please look closely and zoom in to see the best details of current condition. less
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