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French Louis XVI Style Painted Armchairs with Richly Carved Décor, Sold Each

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Two French Louis XVI style painted wood armchairs from the 19th century with carved décor including twisted rope motifs, acanthus leaves, rosettes and petite beads. These French Louis XVI style painted wood armchairs from the 19th century are an exquisite embodiment of craftsmanship and elegance, with an opulent array of carved décor that includes twisted rope motifs, acanthus leaves, rosettes, and petite beads. Created in France during the 19th century, the armchairs beckon with their rich artistic heritage and elaborate detailing.
The first thing that catches the eye is the elaborately carved cresting on the back of each chair. The petite finials are adorned with delicate foliage, gracefully positioned on the upper rail, lending a regal air. The backrest is framed by meticulously carved twisted rope motifs which flow seamlessly into the structure.
Open arms with scrolling extremities gracefully extend outward, integrating into the chair’s structure with sophistication. The details of the twisted rope motifs and acanthus leaves are mirrored on the armrests, adding continuity and fluidity to the design.
The seat of each chair is upholstered in a pink red-colored fabric that has borne the patina of time, lending a beautifully distressed character to the pieces. Though worn and in fair condition, the upholstery adds an undeniable charm that speaks of stories untold.
The chairs sit upon fluted legs, the delicate grooves harmonizing with the intricate carvings of the upper sections. The painted finish of the wood is nicely distressed, hinting at the rich history and longevity of these pieces.
These French Louis XVI style armchairs are not just seating; they are an art form, with every curve and carving meticulously crafted. Sold individually, these armchairs would make a sumptuous statement in a living room, library, or study, echoing an era of grandeur and finesse. less
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