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Snow White with Seven Dwarfs Pewter Thimble Diorama - Snow White Gift - Fairytale Gifts - Dwarf Gift - Collectable Thimble Gift Set

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Snow White with Seven Dwarfs Pewter Thimble Diorama
We have created this seven thimble diorama to complement our other successful thimble dioramas based on famous literary works from the past. In celebration of the brothers Grimm's popular and timeless fairy tale, our Snow White Diorama depicts the seven dwarfs gathered around Snow White's glass-topped coffin.
Made lovingly by the loyal dwarfs to allow their precious Snow White to rest in peace, the coffin is the centre piece of this unique diorama which incorporates seven collectible thimbles. The coffin is made from antiqued pewter and has a removable clear, acrylic lid. Each unique dwarf is sculpted in various states of mourning, with some holding flowers or candles and some quietly reflecting. The seven thimbles can be arranged accordingly around Snow White's coffin.
This beautifully designed and highly detailed thimble set has been carefully sculpted, hand-cast in pewter, before being antiqued and hand-polished, and all of this takes place here in our Worcestershire workshop, England.
This unique item would make a terrific addition to any thimble collection, and a great gift for a Snow White and Fairytale enthusiast.
Approx. Dimensions of set when assembled:
Length - 120mm (4.5" inches)
Width - 110mm (4.25"inches)
Height - 40mm (1.5" inches)
Approx. Dimensions of Coffin:
Length - 85mm (3.25" inches)
Width - 56mm (2.25" inches)
Height - 40mm (1.5" inches)
Approx. Dimensions of the thimbles:
Length - 30mm (1.25" inches)
Width - 22mm (.750" inches)
Height - 38mm (1.375" inches)
Designed by Colin Tyler and made in the UK, this unique collectable is sure to become an heirloom of the future.
Comes with a certificate of authenticity and also comes carefully packaged.