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Backyard Birds - a mix & match applique quilt pattern - easy pattern - uses fusible adhesive and Quilt As You Go

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The Backyard Birds pattern is so much more than just a pattern! It gives you the template pieces needed to make almost any songbird in the world!
What do you get?
The templates for just about any songbird you might like to make. I can say that because I've tested it EXTENSIVELY - making over 100 different birds from all over the world.
I include instructions for making all 100 of those birds - plus a bonus bird I added for the step-by-step video.
In addition to the templates, there are links to videos teaching you three different appliqué techniques - needle turn, machine appliqué, and appliqué with fusible adhesive. It also has links to video teaching all the quilt basics - how to use rotary cutting tools, how to layer and baste your quilt, how to quilt a big quilt on a standard sewing machine, how to bind your quilt, and more.
In addition to those basic videos, there are four additional videos specific to this pattern.
Intro to All the Bird Templates - a 32 minute video walking you through all the templates included in the pattern and showing how you can use them
Creative Ways to Use the Bird Templates - an 11 minute video showing you some unexpected ways to use the templates, like using the tail center stripe piece as an exceptionally large beak, or using the collar piece to add a flash of underwing color
Working from a Reference Photo - a 10 minute video in which I walk you step by step through looking at a reference photo (a lazuli bunting) showing you how to "translate" that photo into the templates.
How to Assemble the Bird Block - a 12 minute video showing all the steps for one block (a hooded warbler) from printing out the pattern templates through doing the outline stitching
I used applique with fusible adhesive and Quilt As You Go to make a super easy quilt - almost all done on the machine.
You Get
A digital pattern delivered instantly.
Templates for left and right-facing birds - bodies, breasts, bellies, wings, shoulders, hoods, caps, collars, cheeks and more.
SVG files for all applique templates - to use with cutting machines
Instructions for more than 100 birds - with a sample block and template list for each bird
Detailed instructions and links to videos teaching you all the skills you’ll need to complete the project. It’s a workshop disguised as a pattern!
Detailed cutting instructions for crib, nap and twin sized quilts, plus a link to info for three additional sizes.
Instructions for assembling the quilt – layering, basting, quilting and binding – with links to videos for all of them - including links to Quilt As You Go videos.
Each block finishes at 10 inches square.
The pattern includes detailed instructions for the following sizes.. .
crib (52.5" wide x 57.5" tall)
napping (52.5" wide x 69" tall) - this is my favorite size for on the couch
twin (75" wide x 92" tall)
You can also use the individual bird patterns for lots of other projects, like wall hangings, table runners, placemats, and more.
I designed this quilt to be easy enough for beginners, and a fun and relaxing project for more experienced stitchers. The chart listing all the birds and their templates also includes a difficulty rating for each bird, so you can start with the easy ones and work your way up to those with more complex patterning. If you can use your sewing machine, you have the skills you need to make this pretty bird quilt.
I used appliqué with fusible adhesive and Quilt As You Go to make a super easy quilt - almost all done on the machine. The pattern also includes links to videos teaching needle turn appliqué and machine appliqué with freezer paper, in case you prefer those methods.
What You Need
Crib Quilt (50" wide x 50" tall)
3 yards background fabrics
1 1/2 yards total for the birds (any mix of scraps and fat quarters)
2 1/2 yards for backing (or 1 1/2 yards Cuddle Fleece)
1/2 yard for binding
Napping Quilt (50" wide x 60" tall)
3 1/3 yards background fabrics
2 yards total for the birds (any mix of scraps and fat quarters)
4 yards for backing (or 2 yards Cuddle Fleece)
1/2 yard for binding
Twin Quilt (70" wide x 90" tall)
7 yards background fabrics
4 yards total for the birds (any mix of scraps and fat quarters)
5 yards for backing (or 4 yards Cuddle Fleece)
5/8 yard for binding
Other Materials
batting (I love Warm & Natural cotton batting)
freezer paper (for machine applique technique)
fusible adhesive (if using applique with fusible adhesive technique)
I can't wait to see all the beautiful birds you make with this Backyard Birds pattern!
Have fun with it!
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