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Growth Mindset Classroom Community Building for Perseverance & Risk Taking

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Motivate your students and encourage them to grow their brains by having a growth mindset! This pack includes 76 pages of growth mindset lessons, posters, student pages, story, certificates, and vouchers to build a growth mindset community in your classroom.
Included in this product are 5 lesson plans with an introduction, lesson activity, and corresponding materials (mentor texts not included for lessons 1-4 but can easily be found on Amazon or at your local library).
Lesson #1 My brain is like a muscle
Lesson #2 Mistakes help me learn
Lesson #3 I can't, yet
Lesson #4 My neurons like challenges
Lesson #5 I have a growth mindset
Each lesson includes differentiated activity materials to meet the needs of your K-3 students.
What other teachers are saying about this resource:
❤️ "Great resource to teach growth mindset to little minds!"
❤️ "Great lessons to start the year! My kiddos still refer to them if they struggle with a concept."
❤️ "This is a powerful teaching and learning tool. That is until students announce..."But Mrs. Adams, remember mistakes are magical," right when I'm in the middle of a tech glitch. Just sayin'."
About the author:
I am a kindergarten and first grade looping teacher in Portland, Oregon and I love creating resources for calm and engaging classrooms full of little learners! I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education as well as a minor in Special Education. When I'm not busy teaching or creating products for TPT you can find me spending time with my husband and dog, cooking, or watercolor painting!
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