an owl figurine sitting on top of a wooden block in front of a stone wall
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Hand Carved Owl, Pine Wood, 3.5 Black/grey, Wooden Grad Graduation Gift, Team Color - Etsy

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"SWEAR TO ME," says this owl, who got way into the dark knight series after this one girl said he kind of sort of a little bit looked like batman back in 2005. But he doesn't look like batman. He looks like an owl. An owl you want living in your home in a place you keep hand-carved wooden owls.
I carve each 3.5" pine owl by hand on my front porch in Cartersville, Georgia. Color is wood stain and tung oil. My neighbor keeps driving by on his riding mower while "cutting his grass" but I think he's just trying to figure out what I am working on.
Someday I'll tell him. Not today.
Every purchase in my store helps me continue to provide aid to Orphanage Emmanuel in Honduras. So buy it today and you can tell everyone you're gonna go to heaven.
Want a different color stain? Maybe school colors for a graduation gift? Send me a message and I'll hit you back with a custom order right away.
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