a wooden shelf filled with lots of colorful houses
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Miniature Ceramic Houses sold individually. Various Glaze Colors. Bespoke singles, Unique, Handmade by collected UK Artist Penny Howarth

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These wonderful hand-crafted miniature ceramic houses are made from the finest clays with differing glazed wall colourings. The roof is glazed in a delightful beige and speckled blue agate gloss offering a deep and fascinating shimmer. Each house is completely unique and hand built by me, differing in dimensions with windows and doors positioned around each wall.
My tiny houses are individually sold. Colour can be selected but house style will be picked at random unless you have a specific request which I can often accommodate. Add multiple houses to your basket to make your own special rainbow! I always take time to carefully select building styles that complement each other.
Sometimes the stock will get low, keep checking back as I make new batches every few weeks. Check out my other listing which include specially selected sets of 3, 5, 7 & 10.
Why not send a house as a gift to a friend or loved one. They make excellent house moving/warming gifts, or maybe just a way of letting them know you are thinking of them.
They can be placed on your windowsill, mantlepiece or gathered perhaps in a goldfish bowl or around the base of your favourite house plant.
Approximate Dimensions (each house is unique)
Width 2cm to 2.5cm
Depth 1.5cm to 2cm
Height 2cm to 4.5cm
Please contact me if you would like more detail on the items, i.e. additional photos, etc, and I will try to accommodate you.
Not what you are looking for but got an amazing idea? Let me know, I may be able to help create your vision.
In this world dominated by mass produced items, it is refreshing and exciting to own a piece of hand crafted art, knowing that it is uniquely yours. Penny is driven by a desire to spread her work far and wide, hence items are affordably priced.
Penny is a ceramic artist, having studied at the world renowned Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall, UK. The Cornish coast is a strong source of inspiration for Penny, many of her pieces recreate the sea; the fishing boats, harbours and cottages precariously perched on the cliff tops where she grew up.
Now living in Surrey, UK. Penny founded PennyPottery and sells via local galleries in Surrey and Cornwall and now for the first time on Etsy. All artwork is hand-built and finished in its entirety by Penny alone. All designs are completely unique, one of a kind and produced in low volume. Items are usually hand stamped with her logo. Nothing is created from molds or templates as such it is normal to see small imperfections in the finish. The artworks are crafted with high quality clay and glazes and fired in the artists own kiln in a workshop at the bottom of her garden. Energy is sourced from a renewable provider.
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