"Mother's Day Gift Grey Wool Shawl Large Wool Scarf Oversize Scarf Wool Scarf New Zealand Wool Scarf Grandma Gift New Zealand wool scarf  100% lambs wool Size: 23\"x70\"-58cmx178cm with fringe 23\"x64\" - 58cmx162cm no fringe I do not ship items to Germany. Gray  warm shawl made of 100%  thick Wool fabrics. It is beautiful Mothers Day gift. It will warm you or your mother in cold weather. Sling it as a Poncho or either wrapped around your neck . Wrap over your dress to keep you warm. You could u Oversize Scarf, Shawl Winter, Warm Shawl, Bridesmaid Shawl, Wool Gifts, Scarf Wool, Thick Wool, Bed Runner, Oversized Scarf