You will love this delicious low calorie non-dairy beverage. Natura Almond: Natura Almond is a satisfying non-dairy way to help stay healthy, happy & strong. Great hot or cold, over cereal, in your favorite recipes or as a dairy free creamer. No Cholesterol No Lactose and gluten-free No Saturated or Trans Fats Source of Calcium, Vitamins D, B2 & B12 No Carrageenan No Canola Oil Ingredients: Almond base (filtered water, almonds), acacia gum, potassium citrate, ,sea salt, natural flavors, gellan gum, Vitamins and minerals ( calcium carbonate, zinc gluconate, vitamin A acetate, cyanocobalamin, riboflavin, Vitamin D2). Natura Soy: Natura soy beverages are a preferred alternative to cow’s milk. They provide the perfect balance between good nutrition and good taste. No Lactose and Gluten Free Na Nutrition