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Peach and Gold glass bead

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Waist beads are approximately 27"-28" inches long. It is recommended to order 2 strands of beads and adjust them. Waist bead adjustment video is available on the home page. Refer to tutorial for visual instructions on how to adjust waist beads. All waist beads are handmade in Nigeria. How to adjust your waist beads: All waist beads come with a clasp attached. Waist beads are approximately 33" inches long. If your waist is 33" or longer you may need 2 strands of beads. (if you use 2 strands of beads you attach the 2 together and repeat the same steps below.) 1. Unscrew the clasp 2. Measure your waist (place the bead around your waist and hold the point at which you want the bead to sit on your waist). Be sure to give yourself a little room. 3. Holding the point in place with one hand, take the bead and cut directly behind the gold clasp ( be sure to set the gold clasp aside) 4.remove all the beads behind the point of which you measured your waist. 5. Take the gold clasp and place it back onto the strand (with the screw facing upwards) 6. Tie a knot in the string behind the clasp ( the knot will fall into place inside the clasp) 7. Cut the excess string off ( be sure not to cut the string too short as the knot will come loose . ) 8. Place the bead around your waist and screw the clasps together. Viola!
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