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a black and white photo of an ornate light fixture on the side of a building
Chrysler building
an art deco door with gold and brown designs
Chrysler Building Express Elevator Doors New York City
the inside of an elevator with glass doors
NYC: Chrysler Building - Entrance
NYC: Chrysler Building - Entrance
a black and white photo of a giant hand in the middle of a large city
chrysler building gargoyle february 1978
chrysler building gargoyle
the empire building in new york city is lit up with gold and white stripes on it
Mural: Empire State Building by ahdser on DeviantArt
Mural, Empire State Building.
a tall building with statues on it's sides
❤ - The Art Deco Boston Avenue Methodist Church
a black and white photo of an entrance to a building with columns on both sides
570 Lexington Ave 1a
570 Lexington Ave
a statue of an eagle on top of a building
Art Deco Eagle
Art Deco Eagle
a yellow building with palm trees in the foreground and a blue sky behind it
MIAMI BEACH, USA - AUGUST 02: midday view at Ocean drive of famous Art deco restaurant Maja on August 02,2010 in Miami Beach. Art Deco architecture in South Beach is one of the main tourist attractions.
art deco
the word press is written on an old black button that has been turned upside down
Art Deco Bakelite Doorbell
a tall white building with a clock on it's face and the name hotel
Art Deco
the ceiling is decorated with white and black squares on it's sides, along with an open door
Art Deco Ceiling
an entrance to a building with a palm tree in the foreground and blue sky above
Flickriver: Most interesting photos from Caribbean Art Deco pool
Art deco mausoleum by steverichard
a black and gold door with an abstract design
Art Deco Doors
the building is tall and has round windows
Ferguson Road, new Greenwich Village in Shanghai? - Hong Kong & Shanghai Tours
art-deco house Shanghai
an open window in the middle of a room
Beautiful Art Deco "rising moon" Window More About Us: It's so sad there are so many abandoned places with such stunning architecture & craftsmanship. Plus in this case, look at that view!!
a modern house with yellow trim around the windows and balconies on the second floor
Melbourne Art Deco House
Melbourne Art Deco House
there are many tall buildings in the city with statues on each building's sides
Art Deco New York
a black and white photo of an iron stair railing with the handrails down
Art Deco Stairs- Print inspiration everywhere we look! -Allie Ollie
the door is made out of metal and has an intricate design on it
Ornate Art Deco Iron Entry Door
Art Deco Iron Door, reminds me of the great gatsby!
the mitchell house building is very tall and has gold lettering on it's side
art deco building
art deco building
a large building with a clock on the side of it's face and windows
Cincinatti art deco / by possiblehorizon
an artistic black and white photo of the ceiling
Zorie Invitations
Wiltern Theatre - 3790 Wilshire Blvd.@ Western Los Angeles, CA 90005 Art Deco Details at The Wiltern Ran by the Wiltern today to take a bunch of research photos for some wallpaper were designing. Such a special southern California landmark. -
an art deco door is shown in black and white
The Chrysler Bldg, NYC.
an intricately designed building is shown against the blue sky
Art Deco Door and Entrance of the Madison Belmont Building | Joel Gordon Photography
art deco architectural details. always seem to have an up lifting and heightened design
an art deco building with arches and windows
Architecture: Beaux Arts and Art Deco style
an old fashioned green radio sitting on top of a table
Art Deco Emerson radio
a tall metal clock tower on a white background
Escutcheon Art Deco Style