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the comic strip shows how batman is sleeping on his couch
How to train your Dick Grayson - this is me with my parents
an image of batman comics with captioning
Young Justice Fan Art: tough love
Sounds like what my parents say to me when I go place with my friends... :3
an animated scene with the caption that reads, if we're going to do better
Poor Wally... everyone forgets that he is literally a genius. He makes straight A's (if he would apply himself as much as he does for science) and he made a perfect score on both the ACT and SAT.
an image of a cartoon character on twitter
young justice happy
I really just want KF to finally phase through things in young justice and blow them up... Because, I think that the fact that happens to Wally in some things is really funny.
an image of two people that are in the same drawing style, one has his arm around the other's neck
an image of three people dressed up as disney princesses
Young Justice Fan Art
Boy Princesses by *prettyellowcape Oh look, I just died of laughter.
two young men dressed as batman and robin wayne, one holding a magnifying glass
Cheese Cake
Dick is teaching Tim how to solve a crime. Aaaaawwww<<< SOOOOO CUTE!!!
an image of some cartoon characters
Young Justice team
an image of some cartoon characters with caption that says five years is such a long time
Young justice
a man laying on the ground next to a woman
A useful way to help
two comics with one saying, we don't choose to be a hero it chooses us
The lil trio just like hermione, Harry and Ron 😍😍😍😍
an animated image of a man holding up a computer screen with cartoon characters on it
a man is hanging upside down on some purple ribbons with an empty speech bubble above his head
not broken...just flexible by greenapplefreak on DeviantArt