DigitalRoute AB

Inredningskoncept i samarbete med Storey Interior åt DigitalRoute AB. 100 anställda. Fotograf Tove Falk-Olsson
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an empty conference room with two black chairs and a table in front of a window
Møterom hos Stami, Oslo - Nyfelt og Strand Interiørarkitekter
Møterom hos Stami, Oslo. Nyfelt og Strand interiørarkitekter mnil
an office with plants on the wall and green chairs in the foreground, behind a sheered curtain
Avskärmning med handstickat tyg av papper och metall
an office meeting room with a flat screen tv mounted on the wall and wooden chairs
an office with green couches and white lamps
Centralt på kontoret
a room with chairs, tables and refrigerators in the corner that is open for people to use
a woman standing in front of a laptop computer and talking on a cell phone,
Telefonhytt i anslutning till mötesrum
a living room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv mounted on the wall above it
Relax hörna
an empty office with desks and computers
100 arbetsplatser
Mötesrum med vippbara stolar
Mötesrum med vippbara stolar
two people sitting at a table with laptops in front of purple booth dividers
Plats för enskild arbete
an office hallway with green plants and yellow chairs on either side of the corridor wall
80% ecowool matta
an office with green couches and yellow pillows on the chairs in front of them
Plats för spontana möten och ostört arbete