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an advertisement for the hotel danielle venezzia in venice, italy on a purple background / Francesca Sottilaro Hotel Danieli Venice
the poster for stockholm's 76th anniversary celebration is shown in pink, yellow and orange
Parked at Loopia
'Stockholm 67'. Giclée Art Print av Bo Lundberg
an advertisement for a fashion show featuring a woman in a white coat and hat with polka dots
The Serif - your daily dose of design inspiration - Part 5
an old movie poster with a woman's face in black and white on it
GORKA: Film z czarujaca dziewczyna
Polish movie poster by Wiktor Gorka (1967)
an old poster with a man standing in front of some tall pillars and the words verdi otello on it
Zbigniew Kaja, Otello 1962
an advertisement for the london air lines featuring a clock tower, trees and a man in a hat
Alitalia - London, 1960
there is a sign that says gio ponti in praise of architecture
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Gio Ponti, In praise of architechture
an image of a person on a skateboard with the word cerpo below it
Vespa, an Italian style icon since 1946 |
Vespa Poster, Illustration Raymond Savignac, 1955
an old book with black and white piano keys on the cover, which reads dissocratis
Dick Elffers - Discografie, Holland Festival 1960
a poster with the words zondag and an image of a chair in front of
Georges Simenon "Zondag (Sunday)", Zwarte Beertjes 250, A.W.Bruna & Zoon, 1959
an old poster advertising amalfi in the italian rivieria, with buildings and beach