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a small white house with a red roof and stairs leading up to the front door
Beställ träräcke & trappräcke med snickarglädje i gammal stil |
a dog laying on the grass in front of a house with potted plants and flowers
a porch with chairs, table and potted plants
a porch with potted plants and flowers on it
a red house with white trim and flowers in the front yard, next to a gravel path
an instagram photo of a red house with flowers in the front yard and sun shining through the windows
there is a patio with chairs and tables in the yard
Hållbar uteplats
a white gate is open on the side of a house
Bygg ett staket med spjälor
Bygga staket med spjälor? Så här bygger du staketet |
a red fence is next to a graveled area with rocks and trees in the background
a green door surrounded by potted plants in front of a red building with an awning
Paret räddade 1800-talsgården från förfall – och skapade en magisk trädgård
a red building with vines growing on it's side and two chairs in the foreground
Inspirerande hem
Björn Ranelid visar upp huset på Österlen