Pysselexpressen november 2017
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Gör en egen julgirlang. På bloggen kan du läsa hur vi gjorde. Crown Jewelry, Crown
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Gör en egen julgirlang. På bloggen kan du läsa hur vi gjorde.
three cookie cutters and two candy canes on top of a piece of paper
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Använd pepparkaksformarna till julpysslet.
a person is picking up some cookies from a plate with other treats on it,
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Enklaste julgodiset i marsipan. Kul pyssel!
a white candle sitting on top of a table next to a christmas tree with a reindeer drawn on it
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Dekorera ljus. Läs på bloggen hur du gör.
two ornaments are sitting on a table next to some pine branches and one has a candle
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Låt barnen göra eget julpynt. Här har vi gjort ett hänge i form av en fågel och en ljusstake av trolldeg. Instruktion till hur man gör mini-pompom finns i bloggen.
a hand holding a paper flower in front of a white wall with dots on it
Mini pompoms
Gör egna mini pompoms att dekorera med. Direktlänk till instruktionen nedan.
several cookie cutters and christmas tree shaped cookies on a cutting board with pine branches
a christmas tree in a wicker basket decorated with white stars and candy canes
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a pink and white wall with stars and a paper cloud on the left hand side
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the cookie cutters are next to some heart shaped cookies on a wooden table with pine branches
Pyssla med trolldeg. Recept finns här:
christmas ornaments with the word godjul on them and some twine spools
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Gör pakethängen av trolldeg.
a white plate topped with different shaped cookies
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Gör egna julgranshängen av trolldeg.
a paper plate with a face on it next to other crafting supplies and decorations
Pysselexpressen november 2017
someone is holding some yarn in their hands and it looks like they are spinning around
four tasselled pieces of yarn sitting on top of a white table with blue, yellow and pink colors
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Tofsar är ett roligt pyssel. Gör många så kan du göra en tofsgirlang :) Se fler bilder på bloggen