8 Essential Jeep Parts For Winter

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the inside of a vehicle with its door open and seats folded down on it's side
Jeep Hardtop Insulation
Think of it as a sweater for your Jeep Wrangler’s hardtop. Something designed to retain heat inside the cabin (or stay cooler in the summer) all while reducing road noise and providing better audio quality. That’s what these Hardtop Insulation kits provide.
the winter wiper blade is open and ready to use
Jeep Windshield Wipers
Winter can only make things worse, with heavy snow or slush against the glass that needs to be pushed away. Trico's Winter Wiper Blades are built with a protective rubber boot that helps keep snow and ice off the blade, while using a high grade rubber for superior performance in wet, winter weather.
the complete wiring kit is ready to be used for this vehicle's fuel system
Jeep Seat Heaters
Heating elements from Check Corporation fit inside both the driver and passenger seat and feature a peel and stick backing allowing it to firmly lock into place. Plus, the product’s plug-and-play wiring connects to existing factory wiring behind the cigarette lighter without any splicing.
the side view mirror and other accessories are shown in this image, including screws
Jeep Heated Mirrors
During chilly winter months, just about everyone jumps into their Jeep to crank up the heat and defrost a bit before heading out. If anything, it certainly makes scraping the windshield easier. But how many start driving and quickly realize their mirrors are still covered in ice? A nice set of heated mirrors can eliminate this annoying issue.
an assortment of tools and accessories are laid out on a white surface with a black bag
Jeep Recovery Kit
When you think of winter, thoughts of snow in the air may first come to mind. And where there is snow in the air, there will most likely be snow on the roads as well. But it is not only falling snow that can be dangerous, but ice, too. Even water or slush pooled up from whatever is left behind after snow plows and melting chemicals do their thing, can be dangerous. Not just to you as a driver, but for everyone else on the road.
the floor mat is clean and ready to be used in any car or truck,
Jeep Floor Liners
After a week’s worth of tracking winter snow or mud into the vehicle, well, let's just say it can add up to a mess on that carpet. A set of quality floor liners will help eliminate that problem – especially ones that are rubberized or molded plastic. These types of liners normally have deep grooves to contain mud, slush or water, and tall sides to prevent those things from overflowing into your carpet. Plus, you can easily pull the liners out and clean them off when needed.