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Teaching Logical Consequences in the Classroom - Long After The Bell Rings
Teaching Logical Consequences in the Classroom - Long After The Bell Rings
a blue poster with the words, call and response attention - getters for the classroom
Call and Response Class Attention-Getters | Twinkl - Twinkl
Call and response attention-getters for the classroom
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Teaching Tips for Reteaching Expectations After Winter Break
Winter break isn't as long as summer vacation, but it's still long enough to cause many students to forget your classroom routines and procedures while they're home for the holidays. This blog post is all about how you can spend less time reteaching those procedures and classroom management expectations after a school break, no matter when it is. This model includes giving students a voice in their classroom environment. Click through to learn more about this system. #behaviormanagement #school
a road with the words how i turned around the most difficult class ever taught
. : How I Turned Around the Most Difficult Class I Ever Taught
a printable back to school bingo board with the words, freebied from break in
Back from Break Bingo Board FREEBIE
Back from Break Classroom Management Tips and ideas to help students remember routines and procedures with ease. FREE Back from Break Bingo Board and Checklist to help you review included.
a bookmark with an image of a teddy bear and the words, kerena fa and the field mix - up
Teacher Tips for Fostering Strong Relationships the First Day Back From Winter Break
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Rule Refresh after a long winter break
Did you do a reset or rules refresh after winter break? It’s really something I never thought about doing because I teach high school. however after over a year of remote learning students have definitely changed and a reminder of the norms that are expected is definitely in order.I was inspired to do this by an Instagram reel by an elementary teacher (@lettersfrommikelle) who said that she would go over this every day I’m only going to do it for a couple days and certainly not spending as much
classroom decor with text overlaying how to implement a classroom economy get the 5 steps
How to Implement a Classroom Economy · The Simply Organized Teacher
a snowman with the text survive the 1st day back at school after winter break
Survive the First Day Back at School After Winter Break
Survive the First Day Back at School After Winter Break- tips & freebies!
a desk with an alarm clock and other office supplies on it text reads reviewing classroom routine after break
Reviewing Classroom Routines After a Break - Lessons for Learning
Reviewing Classroom Routines After a Break - Lessons for Learning
No Prep No Stress Paperless Morning Work
Stress Free Morning Routine in the classroom with the NO PREP Paperless Morning Work. Your students will love the fun and engaging writing activities and you will love knowing they can work independently on important writing skills. Simply project or share online and students will respond to the daily writing prompt in their writing journal or notebook. Fun Writing and Engaging Bell Ringer Activities. #MorningWork #DailyWriting #ErinWaters #FirstGradeWriting #KindergartenWriting
back from break classroom management tips for students to use on their own school day activities
Back from Break Classroom Management Strategies - My Day in K