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an embroidered bird with red and white beads on it's head, sitting in front of a gray wall
File:Altar Cloth or Podea MET DP121988.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
an intricate embroidered piece with gold and red beads on it's edges, depicting a dragon
Here is the Blog of the Game of Thrones Costume Maker
a close up view of a piece of cloth with blue and white stripes on it
Embroidered Lovers' Purse · Three Gold Bees
Embroidered Lovers' Purse
an old red and gold cloth with flowers on it
All that glitters: V&A to show rare relics of England's finest embroidery
an image of a woman with pearls on her head
Part of The Liturgical Vestments of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Alter Antependium
an image of a woman's dress made out of yarn and fabric threads
Embroidered chasuble, end of 15th century
a close up of a painting of a man with beads on his head and beard
a piece of cloth with a woman's face on it
Hermitage Coptic Textiles
Hermitage Coptic Textiles
Guldhjorten från Birka, grav Bj 832 Patchwork, Viking Textiles, Viking Encampment, Viking Fashion, Viking Embroidery, Golden Deer, Viking Reenactment, Viking Costume
Guldhjorten från Birka, grav Bj 832
Guldhjorten från Birka, grav Bj 832