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the process of painting an anchor tattoo on someone's arm
How to Make a Temporary Tattoo: 4 Easy DIY Methods
DIY fake tattoo- wear a tattoo that you want for a while to make sure you actually like it ( http://www.wikihow.com/Create-Your-Own-Temporary-Tattoo )
a woman with good shoes is never ugly by coco chanel quote on yellow background
A woman with good shoes is never ugly... how can they be??? and to add to that, I've never met an ugly person in my life. I've decided that they don't exist :)
a black and white drawing of an interlocked knot in the shape of a heart
Celtic symbol for motherhood....even if I'm not Celtic.
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room
Design Dazzle - Inspiration for kids rooms, baby nurseries, and kids parties
diy pearl strand lamp tutorial @Kristy Dempster
an image of a bulletin board with magnets attached to it and some writing on the back
DIY: Menu Board
Menu Board
an ornament hanging from the ceiling next to some books and other items on a shelf
diy project: fish scale pendant lamp
lampity lamp lamp!!
three pictures of two men in shorts and one with his arms around each other, on glass jars
inspired ideas
so cool, photo transfer onto glass. can't wait to try this!
a woman is pointing at an art piece on a table next to a wooden bowl
DIY wooden picture
Shut the front door! This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen!!!!
a light fixture made out of cardboard boxes hanging from a wall next to a mirror
DIY Cardboard Pendant Light
DIY: cardboard pendant light
a framed sign with flowers on it that says i love you because you wake up and took care of lidi at 5 00am
l u l a b e l l e blog
cute idea & keeps things fun & creative! Words of affirmation are always good!
a wooden frame with several different items on it and the word menu written in spanish
The Creating Mama - Every Day Living With a Touch of Creativity
cute menu idea
a jar with a photo on it next to a vase filled with flowers and grass
Austin Parking Garage Wedding from Geoff Duncan
laminate sepia pictures and put in mason jars of water