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candles are placed in a wooden box with greenery and pine cones on the table
Adventskranz oder die schnelle last minute Alternative • Pomponetti
a cake with white frosting and cranberries on top
Pinocchiotårta med pepparkaksbotten – toppad med dulce och lingon. - Salt som Socker
a chocolate cake with orange slices on top and frosting in the shape of a heart
Så fixar du ett veganskt julbord – 12 goda recept
3h 0m
a close up of a toy house made out of white plastic buttons on a wooden surface
Tips för godaste & vackraste taket till pepparkakshuset - Helena Lyth
a pile of chocolate and marshmallows on top of each other
Rocky road med rostade nötter och skumtomtar
a bowl filled with christmas decorations and candles
Last Minute Idee: Adventskranz - TRYTRYTRY
Last Minute Idee: Adventskranz - TRYTRYTRY
there are many balls of food on the plate
Pepparkaksbollar - Galet goda "chokladbollar" | Fredriks Fika