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an image of different shades of paint
Dopely Colors #54
the color scheme for muted cherry is shown in red, blue and green colors
Muted Cherry Blossom Color Palette
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Color Palette inspiration by Color Palette Inspiration, Palette Inspiration
Color Palette inspiration with Bright and Shiny Colors
the color scheme for cherry bomb bubble tea is shown in red, green and white
Cherry Bomb Color Scheme | Helloo SamSam Designs
Cherry Bomb Bubble Tea is a conceptual bubble tea shop that would be based in New York City. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to design a bubble tea shop because bubble tea is my LIFE. With this brand identity, I wanted to create a punch colour scheme and a quirky design with the logo.
the brochure for bloomin's color scheme is shown in different colors
Bloomin' Colour Scheme | Helloo SamSam Designs
Bright and fresh colour scheme for a conceptual flower shop which is a passion project I created. #logoinspo #funbranding #girlybranding #brandingagency #logodesignlove #freshbranding #logocolor #brandingdesigninspiration