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a large green plant sitting next to a white wall
Tropic greens: The taste of Petrol and Porcelain | Interior design, Vintage Sets and Unique Pieces
a drawing of a palm tree with green leaves
Antique Palm Prints from Kerchove
antique print trees - Google Search
four different views of trees and water in the same area, each with green leaves on them
Rose Wong's Poignant Illustrative Series,"Consider Death"
Last fall, illustrator Rose Wong had a show called 'Consider Death' in Brooklyn. The works included are poignant and beautiful in their simplicity.
two large green plants in a vase on a table
a paper cut out of a plant with colorful leaves
Shooting time again! Botanic Papercrafting for the awesome Lovemag DIY magazine!
a white pillow with green leaves on the front and back of it, against a light pink background
Branches 1
an instagram page with trees and leaves on it
Image of Botanical Assembly No: 1 by INALUXE
four different colored plants with long stems
graph and compass
ILLUSTRATION | by ck/ck | #illustration
four different types of leaf shapes in various colors and sizes, each with an individual's own logo
Leaf art by CK/CK featured on FOXINTHEPINE.COM coloured #iconoclastic #leafs…
various leaves and berries are arranged in the shape of a circle on a white background
Autumn Leaves — Sarah Abbott
Autumn Leaves - - - - Sarah Abbott - - -
watercolor drawing of green leaves on a white background
Palms by Wellen Women
iPhone wallpaper
an open book with green leaves on it and the words leafrenagon written in white
if u feel weird just draw some leaves
a black and white painting with large leaves on it's side, in front of a dark background
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Vintage Hawaiian fabric sample
an abstract blue and white design with leaves
A Graphic Poster Bringing Awareness Around Our Waters
DanielTriendl_Glug_Life_Below_Water-10_1000 (1)
an abstract illustration of plants and trees in pink, blue, yellow and orange colors
Just Ask
Jay Quercia | Just Ask
black and white palm tree leaves on a white background with space for text or image
black and white palm leaves are shown in this seamlessly pattern on a white background
Black Palm - Eva Black Design
Eva Black Design
a green plant with lots of leaves on it
10 ways to jump on the Banana Leaf Trend
Martinique Wallpaper / Beverly Hills Hotel
a glass of wine sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wallpaper
Palm Print
a wallpaper with green palm trees on it
Palm Jungle Wallpaper
Palm Jungle Wallpaper Fresh illustrated Palm tree wallpaper in aqua on white. - très frais, pour une jungle !!
a drawing of a palm tree with green leaves on the top and bottom part of it's trunk
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Antique French Palm Tree Plate More
green leaves on a white background with pink sky in the backgrounnds
Profile | Rhianna Ellington - Pattern People
Rhianna Ellington
a palm tree with pink sky in the background
a painting of green leaves on a white background
linework of Warsaw based designer and illustrator Agata Wierzbicka
the silhouette of a woman surrounded by tropical leaves and plants is depicted in this illustration
The Rights of Refugees Who Do Wrong
Nelson Kargbo was a child soldier given asylum in America. But after he got in trouble Immigration decided to send him back.
different types of plants in pots
Day 86 - plant icons #JBP100Plants #the100dayproject #APlantADay
the different types of leaves are shown in this illustration, and it is easy to read
Leaf Types — Sarah Abbott
Leaf Types - - - - Sarah Abbott - - -
there is a clock that has some plants in it on the side of the wall
Paper Sculpture by Sonia Poli. - All About Papercutting
Paper Sculpture - Reminds me of where the wild things are illustrations
an image of a tropical scene with palm trees and plants in the background, including ferns
In the Greenhouse
In the Greenhouse by Vincent Mahé, via Behance (Can't help but notice the glass…
four different types of plants are shown in the same line drawing style, and each one has
Plant Icons / Personal Project
Plant Icons / Personal Project on Behance
the different types of leaves are shown in this illustration, and it is easy to read
Leaf Types — Sarah Abbott
Leaf Types - - - - Sarah Abbott - - -
a tree that is standing in the grass with some clouds on it's head
Steven Sugar