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an egg is shown with light coming through it
All Life on Earth Comes From One Single Ancestor. And It's So Much Older Than We Thought.
a man standing on top of a lush green hillside holding a stick and wearing a headdress
Denisovan DNA may help modern humans adapt to different environments
an image of a line graph with different colors and numbers on it's side
The nature of the last universal common ancestor and its impact on the early Earth system - Nature Ecology & Evolution
a diagram showing the different types of human life
'A history of contact': Geneticists are rewriting the narrative of Neanderthals and other ancient humans
an image of some purple and red blood cells in the blood vessel, 3d illustration
Gobsmacking Study Finds Life on Earth Emerged 4.2 Billion Years Ago
large rocks with moss growing on them in the grass
Ancient DNA reveals possible cause of mysterious population collapse 5,000 years ago, scientists say | CNN
a castle sitting on top of a small island in the middle of a body of water
Does a cave beneath Pembroke Castle hold key to fate of early Britons?
a close up of a rock on a black background
When did human ancestors start walking on two legs?
a painting of a shark jumping out of the water with other birds flying around it
Fearsome Sharks of Today Evolved When Ancient Oceans Got Hot
an assortment of woodworking tools displayed on a black background
A prehistoric innovation marked a major shift in how humans dress, scientists say | CNN
several different types of rocks are shown in this image
Bone remains indicate extinct humans survived on the Tibetan plateau for 160,000 years