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an attic bedroom with wooden walls and flooring is shown in this image, there is a bed that has been placed on the floor
A Farmhouse styled visualization by Nourhan Amal from masterclass powered by Academy M6
a small glass house sitting on top of a roof
minima moralia, a modular pop-up studio space for artists and makers
a small wooden building with sliding glass doors and a potted plant in the corner
OPUS pod klaar voor bezichtiging!
Thuiswerken in een OPUS - home office pod, hoe voelt dat nou? Dat kun jij nu ervaren! We hebben de OPUS pod ingericht met een sta-zit bureau, een ergonomische bureaustoel en opbergkast. Voor de liefhebber staat er zelfs een koffiemachine in. Bekijk en lees er meer over in onze laatste blog.
two pictures side by side one has a loft and the other has a bed
New London Housing Concept Will Offer Accommodation Starting From £300 a Month
an image of a tiny house made out of wood and glass with the words koda loft micro on it
KODA modellen - Wonen in Hout
a small wooden structure with a red roof in the middle of some grass and trees
22 Tiny Houses We Love
A-Frame Tiny House
a house made out of wood with a green roof
Cedar Bloom - Hipcamp in Cave Junction, Oregon
a wooden structure is being built on the ground in front of some trees and rocks
A-Frame Shed Plans
a small cabin in the woods surrounded by trees and grass, with an open floor plan
House in the Forest - Alex Hernandez - Learn V-Ray