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someone is removing the fabric off of a pair of jeans with their hands and fingers
How to Fray Jeans in 7 Different Ways: Distress, Crop, Fray & More
This is a guide to fraying jeans in different ways. Learn how to fray jeans to make them more on-trend, with these simple DIY techniques.
a pen sitting on top of a pair of jean pants with flowers drawn on it
Jeans vs. Permanent Marker - Mary's Thrifty Chic
someone is using glue to cut the fabric off of their jeans with a spray bottle
DIY Bleach Printed Jeans - The Shabby Tree
someone is stitching a heart on the back of their jean pants with pins and needles
How To Make Cool Denim Applique Heart Pockets
DIY Embroidery on trousers clothing
two pictures showing how to sew a jean jacket with an appliqued heart
How to Mend Jean Holes in Cutest Way
Fun DIY Jean Hole Patches in Cutest Ways - Patch Jean Holes with Fabric Heart DIY Tutorial
two pairs of jeans hanging from a rope with pine cones and candy canes in them
an upcycled pair of jeans with stencil and glue sitting on the floor
DIY Stencil Bleached Jeans For A Fresh Summer Look
the back side of a pair of blue jeans with torn up patches on it and a red white and blue design
someone is stitching something on the back of their jean jacket with white pins and needles
Sashiko/Japanese Boro Jeans for Fourth of July