The me you will never get to
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a painting of an angel holding a heart
Wings of the Soul
a black and white drawing of a cartoon character touching a dog's nose with the caption, sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks
40 Hilarious Disney Memes That Will Ruin Your Childhood
the poem is written in black and white
someone holding up an open book with the words when i go written in cursive writing
“When I Go”
a stone with the words loved with a love written on it
Loved With A Love Beyond All Feeling Memorial Stone
a piece of paper that has some writing on it
Immediately after physical death
a piece of paper with writing on it and an image of a bird in the background
The Difference Between Liking And Loving : Answered By Buddha
a person holding a bow and arrow in their hand with a quote on it that says, you can be a fierce warrior and still have a gentle soul
an open book with some writing on it
two women hugging each other with the words i wish you enough written below them on it
a watercolor painting with the words home isn't where you're from it's cave, you find light when all grows here
bluebells in the woods with a quote from an unknown author on it that says,