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a man walking through the woods with trees in the foreground and green foliage on the ground
Required Reading: ‘Still: The Art of Noticing’ by Mary Jo Hoffman
What happens when you assemble and photograph found bits of nature every single day for 12 years and counting? Mary Jo Hoffman calls her art—as well as her blog and her new book—Still and writes that her practice is not only “a respite from the enervating buzz of contemporary life,” but a way of paying […]
the book starting from seed seeds
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Handbooks: A Series with a Cult Following
Whenever I visit a used bookshop, I march straight to the garden section. Once there, I’ll scan the shelves for slender paperback spines about nine inches tall. I’m looking for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s handbooks, and whenever I find one, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. My gardening book library is full of beautiful […]
an old house surrounded by flowers and greenery
Required Reading: ‘The English Gardener’s Garden’
The phrase “English garden” may conjure a particular image in your mind: perhaps the neatly clipped hedges and expansive lawns of a country estate or maybe an informal tumble of blossoms spilling over a path in a cottage garden. The recently-published book The English Gardener’s Garden proves, in 2023, there are a myriad of definitions […]
an outdoor garden with flowers and plants in the foreground, surrounded by stone walls
Required Reading: ‘What Makes a Garden’ By Jinny Blom
It is not often that one can say with confidence that a coffee table book is “long awaited,” but nothing that landscape designer and writer Jinny Blom creates is so easily boxed, not even her books. Although What Makes A Garden is generously proportioned and handsomely produced, you might find yourself carrying it around wherever […]
a lush green forest filled with lots of trees and flowers next to the ocean on a sunny day
10 Questions with Cathy Deutsch, Director of Horticulture at Wave Hill
Cathy Deutsch never expected to be a gardener. “I stumbled upon fine gardening almost by accident at Wave Hill,” said the Riverdale, NY, garden’s fourth director of horticulture and first woman to hold the role. “I had some fuzzy notion I wanted to be a landscape architect and made my way up from the train […]
the new york green book is on display in front of a white background with trees and buildings
Ask the Expert: Photographer and ‘New York Green’ Author Ngoc Minh Ngo on her Favorite NYC Green ...
Parks and gardens might not be the first things you think of when you envision New York City, but these green spaces are vital to its vibrancy and health. They cool down temperatures, help reduce carbon pollution, capture stormwater, create habitats for wildlife, and make us happy. Luckily for both residents and visitors alike, the […]
a book shelf filled with lots of books and bowls on top of each shelf,
In Gratitude: How a Gift from a Boss Led to a Love for Gardening Books
I’ve always loved books. Ever since I could read, I’ve kept them close. In the beginning, they were picture books. My favorite, A Child’s Book of Poems, illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa, is annotated with an elaborate review system of stars and hearts that I drew on pages of poems I particularly loved. (Christina Rossetti’s “What […]
a group of people sitting at a table in the middle of a field with tall grass
Required Reading: ‘Al Fresco’ by Julie Pointer Adams, for Outdoor Gatherings of All Kinds
As August wanes, I find myself wanting to stretch each hour of the day and spend as much time outdoors as I can—from early mornings on the porch to mid-day dog walks around the community garden to cold swims at the beach, informal wine gatherings with friends, and all kinds of picnics. For inspiration, I’ve […]
some purple flowers are growing in the grass
Required Reading: ‘Grow5: Simple Seasonal Ideas for Small Outdoor Spaces with Just Five Plants’ by Lucy Bellamy
For some of us, successful plant combinations are rather difficult. My own former garden was a series of episodes: the rambling rose tunnel, the collection of irises, the pots of agapanthus. Otherwise there was a lot of ground cover and an ersatz border filled with surplus plants that I didn’t know what else to do […]
a wooden table with a magazine on it next to a potted plant and some branches
Announcing Our New Book: Remodelista in Maine
We’re thrilled to announce the publication of our fourth book: Remodelista in Maine: A Design Lover’s Guide to Inspired, Down-to-Earth Style, out everywhere May 10 from Artisan Books. It’s available for pre-order now (with signed copies available from Print: A Bookstore); ordering information below. Why Maine? This book is the first we’ve dedicated to a […]
an alley way surrounded by flowers and greenery with a red roofed building in the background
Required Reading: ‘Wild: The Naturalistic Garden’ by Noel Kingsbury
In gardening, wild may be the word of the moment but it is a loaded term—because what is wild? Any element of interference, management, or design suggests that a garden isn’t wild at all, but a facsimile of nature, an echo of what a left-to-its-own devices landscape might look like. It’s a theme that is […]
an assortment of flowers in a garden with trees and bushes behind them, including roses
‘Garden for the Senses’: How to Design a Landscape that Stimulates and Stirs
If you consider the expression “feast for the senses,” it is celebratory, extravagant, up-lifting. A garden, in which every element has been chosen because it appeals to at least two senses, could have just such a feeling of heightened occasion. It is an opportunity to create a scent trap by the back door; to grow […]
an image of a house that is on the cover of architectural digests magazine, with mountains in the background
7 Landscaping Ideas to Borrow From Northern California’s Wine Country
California’s wine country is nothing less than spectacular, defined by its casual lifestyle, picturesque scenery, and award-winning wine. Drive through the rolling hills, and it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by its landscape of tidy vineyards, idyllic barns, rustic ranches, as well as more modern homes. When you look closely at this region, you realize […]
an outdoor garden with various plants and steps leading up to the top of a tree
Garden Visit: ‘Nuance and Unplanned Fun’ in a Landscape Architect’s Echo Park Garden
Last year, garden writer Jennifer Jewell published the wonderful The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants. A little over a year later, she’s come out with an extraordinary new book: Under Western Skies: Visionary Gardens from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Coast (in bookstores May 11). Featuring […]
two metal utensils hang on the wall next to each other with wooden handles
Gardenista Giveaway: Pre-Order Our New Book to Win
In case you missed it, we’re celebrating the upcoming release of our new book by giving away a pair of dip-dye garden tools featured in the book’s DIY chapter. (Pre-order the book and fill out the form below to enter the giveaway contest.) Enter now; the giveaway contest ends at midnight PST on September 28. To enter, pre-order the book (ordering […]