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“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a famous proverb, precisely because it’s so true. If you need proof, look no further than the origin story of Dovetail Workwear. The idea for a line of workwear tailored specifically for women, and made by women, emerged when landscapers Kate Day and Kyle Marie Summers were hired […]
Garden Visit: The Small Backyard in Portland, OR, that Launched a Clothing Business
“Necessity is the mother of invention” is a famous proverb, precisely because it’s so true. If you need proof, look no further than the origin story of Dovetail Workwear. The idea for a line of workwear tailored specifically for women, and made by women, emerged when landscapers Kate Day and Kyle Marie Summers were hired […]
an area with lots of plants and flowers in the middle of it, surrounded by tall grass
A Garden from Scratch: 8 Regrets from My First Years of Gardening
Hindsight is a wonderful thing: After you’ve planted, say, a tree in the wrong spot, everything becomes clearer and more crystallized—including where you should have planted it. Making mistakes is a vital part of understanding why a design works, or why a plant will thrive in one place but not in another. When I started […]
a glass house in the middle of a forest with water running through it and lots of greenery growing on the roof
Landscape Visit: Russel Wright’s Manitoga Is an American Treasure
This is part of a series with Perfect Earth Project, a nonprofit dedicated to toxic-free, nature-based gardening, on how you can be more sustainable in your landscapes at home. “I am more interested in nature than any other subject,” says Russel Wright, the influential mid-century industrial designer, who believed that good design was for everyone […]
an outdoor seating area with tables and chairs near the water
10 Garden Ideas to Borrow from the Landscape at Silver Sands Motel in Greenport, NY
The Silver Sands Motel in Greenport, NY, opened in 1957 as a laidback motel that felt more like a beach home away from home than a fussy hotel. When the property changed hands a few years back, the new owners were keen to keep the family-oriented spirit of this beloved destination alive. “They wanted to […]
a bunch of branches that are in the grass
The Garden Decoder: What Is ‘Ramial Mulch’?
When mulching your garden, you have many, many choices: shredded hardwood, pine needles, straw, and seashells, to name a few. One of the most common materials used for mulching is wood chips. But not all wood chips are the same. There are bark chips made from the bark of pine trees, which are very attractive […]
the garden is full of white flowers and greenery
Designer Visit: Sheila Jack’s White Garden in West London
A career in art direction is a useful grounding for anybody wishing to go into garden design. Sheila Jack’s career shift was not so much a break as a continuum—of research, editing, and presentation. Before designing the pages of Vogue magazine, her first job was for the architect Norman Foster, and these visual strands from […]
people are working on an apple tree in the field while another man stands on a ladder
10 Things Nobody Tells You About Olive Trees
Nothing announces the Mediterranean or Mediterranean-inspired garden more than stately olive trees, Olea europaea. This is especially true when these trees partner with fields of fragrant lavender and punctuations of Italian cypress. Luckily, olive trees can be successfully grown here in the states (USDA Zones 8-10), and recently I had the pleasure of visiting McEvoy […]
an empty field with several trees in it
A Garden From Scratch: How to Plant for Success (A Case Study)
So you’re finally ready to plant up an area of your garden. How do you ensure you’re giving your plants the best possible start? In part 5 of my series on making A Garden from Scratch (scroll to the bottom for the other installments), I look at one border in my own garden and explain […]
an older woman wearing sunglasses and a hat standing in front of a bush with pink flowers
Quick Takes With: Edwina von Gal
As a regular reader, you may already be familiar with Perfect Earth Project, as Gardenista has partnered with them on an ongoing series about nature-based, toxic-free gardening. But you may not know much about the group’s tour-de-force founder, Edwina von Gal. The venerable landscape designer-turned-sustainable gardening advocate has been calling for less lawn, more wildlife […]
there are two windows on the roof of this building that is being built into the ground
Before & After: Converting an Unusable, Exposed London Rooftop Into a Tranquil, Private Terrace
We generally save the “before” images for the end of our articles, but in this case, it’s helpful and inspiring to see upfront the space pre-remodel. Take a look at this entirely drabby and exposed rooftop. If a tiny, depressing roof can be transformed into a private urban oasis, one that invites lingering and relaxation, […]
a bug crawling on the ground in dirt
Leave the Leaves…Again: 7 Reasons to Keep Fallen Leaves in the Spring, Too
Spring is in the air, and for many gardeners, that means it’s time to start cleaning up the yard. But what if I told you that your garden beds will be better off with a little mess? Leaving the leaves is not just for fall. Here are seven critical reasons to keep them on your […]
a white house with trees in front of it and a fence around the yard area
The Art of Garden Etiquette: 10 Ways to Show Respect to Neighbors
It’s always a good idea to give the gift of courtesy to your neighbors. Even if they’re not the type to fly into a yard rage, they’ll still appreciate a little kindness in the garden. What do the basic tenets of neighborliness require? Keep your yard tidy (dazzling horticultural displays are always welcome, but not mandatory). […]
an overgrown garden with lots of flowers and trees
A Garden from Scratch: How to Begin the Plant Selection Process
You’d think choosing plants was easy enough—just find the ones you like, right? And for single specimens in a pot or a monoculture of, say. roses or hydrangeas, it is as simple as that. But what about designing a border where plants need to relate to each other in a well-thought-out design? And what if […]
snow covers the ground and trees in front of a white picket - fenced yard
Prune This, Not That: A Guide to the Plants that Can Get Winter Cuts
February is a weird month—far enough away from the year-end holiday festivities for them to feel like a distant memory and yet, with the dreary days, also far from the exuberance of spring. On some level, this month can have all the excitement of a waiting room. So what can you do while waiting for […]
an office with large windows and lots of plants in the room, along with many desks
Plant Studio: The New York Botanical Garden’s New Online Classes for the ‘Plant-Curious’
If you’re a gardener in the New York City area, you’ve likely toyed with the idea of taking a class at the New York Botanical Garden to stretch yourself in new directions—maybe even towards a new career. But if you’re anything like me, you never enrolled because while the garden is inspirational, it’s a big […]