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a close up of a person wearing a black shirt
Woo Do Hwan
a black and white photo of a woman holding a mirror
a woman wearing a black hat and green bow tie with a smile on her face
Sublime Marilyn
Marilyn Monroe
a man laying on the ground reading a book with his feet up and legs down
Girly Me
.Paul Newman-awesome reading awesome!!
a man without a shirt standing in the grass with his hands on his hips and looking at the camera
No seriously, you may need to sit down for this.
13 Male Celebrities You Had No Idea Were Total Hotties. Not all of then but some surprises and some I disagree with.
a woman with blonde hair and black bow in her hair standing next to a man
Catherine Deneuve in 'The Umbrellas of Cherbourg' by Jacques Demy, 1964
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a bow in her hair and looking at the camera
"Je n'ai pas consacré ma vie à être une actrice. Je donne beaucoup de mon travail, mais ma vie a toujours été plus important."