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black and white icons with flowers, clouds, fish, moon and stars on them
an image of animals and birds on a black and white checkerboard background
Home | Samantha Meredith Illustration
Home | Samantha Meredith Illustration
two posters with different animals on them and the words share your toys written in each
Always have a great characteristic!!
a group of animals with crowns on their heads and faces, all in different colors
black and white greeting cards with cute animals
Cute Vector Print Scandinavian Style Hand Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 1204733962 | Shutterstock
several matching cards in a blue box on a white surface with other magnets and stickers
design-centric gift guide — Avery & Augustine
two boxes of dominos with fruit and numbers on the front, one box is yellow
Domino - Game design
an assortment of animal magnets in a box on a yellow table with pink background
five cards with different designs on them
DESIGNER/ILLUSTRATOR - ekaterina trukhan