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a wooden chair sitting on top of a white table
Creative interior designs | HomeAdore
Creative interior designs | HomeAdore
an outdoor courtyard with brick walls and plants growing on the wall, surrounded by bricks
white clay brick residence revolves around interior courtyards in mexico city
two sinks in front of a wall made out of bamboo sticks and other items on the counter
an abstract photograph of a bench with light coming from it's back and sides
A' Design Awards & Competition - Call for Entries
the wall is made up of glass blocks with sunlight streaming through them and reflecting on it
Alfonso Arango builds tiny black cabin next to his childhood home
a blue chair sitting in front of a white wall with intricate cutouts on it
the kitchen is clean and ready to be used for cooking or dining room furniture, as well as an outdoor patio
In the trees (realisation)
the kitchen is very large and has an open storage compartment on the counter top that opens up to let in plenty of natural light
a bath tub sitting next to a sink under a window
a bathroom with a sink and potted plants