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some lemons are sitting on a cutting board next to a knife and paper bag
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five lemons cut in half on a white towel
oranges are arranged on a plate next to an empty glass
Siracusa Studios | Professional Food Photography & Videography
grapefruits and oranges cut in half on a white surface with leaves
"Fresh Cut Citrus" by Stocksy Contributor "Michelle Moore"
two oranges in a mesh bag on a white sheet next to an open book
vad ni har lärt er i sommar. | Sandra Beijer
the contents of a purse, sunglasses and other items laid out on a white blanket
a towel and sunglasses laying on the beach
Smell of coffee in the morning
an open book with sunglasses and a pair of gold hoop earrings
a purse with lemons and an empty bottle
this ain't a shoulder with a chip or an ego: Photo