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Summer is the perfect time to refresh the home with new original art. Discover our Chief Curator's recommendations for abstracts, landscapes, sculptures, and…
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An energetic mashup of landscape painting, paint splatter, and floral motifs. Collage Landscape, Raw Emotion, Garden Walls, Imagination Station, Collage Art Projects, Simple Phone Wallpapers, Loving You, Oil Paints, Dream Art
Loving You Makes My Heart Sing by Yvonne Coomber
A mixture of oil paints, inks, glosses, glazes, glitters, and gold leaf is applied in layers to create a lively dance that reflects joy and nature's beauty. Full of raw emotion and spirit, the wall painting combines Abstract Expressionism's vigor with the serene energy of an idyllic landscape. Oil on Canvas 47.2 W x 47.2 H x 1.6 D in
The Art of Summer 2024
Explore hundreds of original artworks from global emerging artists in Saatchi Art's curated summer preview. Across six special collections, discover the best in Pop art, abstracts, portraits, landscapes, and realism.
Pink balloons float away into a neutral baby blue background. Drawing Tutorials, Flower Drawing Tutorials, Oil On Canvas Painting, The Balloon, Flower Drawing, Drawing Tutorial
Balloons Hope by Jinho Kee
An oil on canvas painting that appears to be a photograph at first glance. The balloons are realistically rendered with attention to light and technical detail. Inspiring and bright, the artwork sparks hope and the joy of summer. 23.9 W x 28.6 H x 1 D in
A vintage film instant camera propped on a tripod. It takes a photograph of itself. Camera Selfie, Camera Art, Ink On Paper, Modern Wallpaper, 4 H
Camera Selfie No. 21 by Flynn Newton
Historical, vintage, and beautiful cameras capture themselves against poppy and patterned backgrounds of modern wallpaper. The result is a fun Pop artwork that merges nostalgia and contemporary culture. 39.4 W x 39.4 H x 0 D in HDR ink on paper
A gestural abstract work. Motion explodes from the white negative space. Rhythm In Art, Powerful Artwork, Rhythm Art, Watercolour Ideas, Contemporary Painting, Color Art, Cabaret, Contemporary Paintings
Dancing the Cabaret by Birgit Fechner
A powerful artwork full of movement and rhythm in an explosive color scheme—Abstract Expressionism in contemporary painting. It combines spray paint, ink, and acrylic for an explosive mixed media composition. Acrylic on Canvas 39 W x 47 H x 1.3 D in
A glitch artwork of a mountain vista and an abstract background. Sublime Landscape, Wood Painting, Wood Canvas, Contemporary Landscape, Landscape Painting, Colorful Pictures
The Great Secret by Baldvin Ringsted
A sublime landscape painting meets contemporary geometric abstraction. The canvas is mounted on a carved board. This adds a three-dimensional plane to the artwork and also serves as a "counterpoint" of sorts in this rhythmic construction. Oil on Canvas 35.4 W x 23.6 H x 1.2 D in
Raw natural linen enhances the vibrancy of the rich colors and shapes of the artwork. Inspired By Nature, Nature Inspiration, Oil On Canvas, Abstract Painting
Regal by Caroline Pera
This abstract painting celebrates color and movement. Inspired by nature, the bold yet delicate forms flow organically and voluptuously, never quite settling into a specific state and living a life of their own. Oil on Canvas 40 W x 47 H x 0.8 D in
Position No. 11 by Cortney Herron
Often depicting figures at leisure, LA-based painter Cortney Herron explores how we find rest and seek refuge in simple pleasures. Oil on Canvas 20 W x 20 H x 1.5 D in
A vibrant still life of a bouquet of flowers. Bio Art, Spring Song, Flowers Real, Instagram Painting, Still Lifes, The Senses, Water Painting, Vivid Color
Everything Blossomed by Shandor Alexander
With brushwork harking to the Impressionists and vivid colors that evoke a bright summer day, this oil still life feels fresh and warm. Oil on Canvas 31.5 W x 23.6 H x 1 D in
Overflowing with Flowers by Alejandro Casanova
"Overflowing with Flowers" captures a fleeting moment where the portrait of a man emerges amidst the exuberance of white flowers. With his figure standing in the midst of the floral landscape, the realistic rendering is immersive. Oil on Linen 59.1 W x 59.1 H x 0.7 D in
A girl holds her head against a light pink background. She is surrounded by tropical pattern. Study Interior Design, Surreal Portrait, London Artist, Women Painting, The Other Art Fair, Painting Acrylic On Canvas, London Art, Global Art, Woman Painting
Are You Dreaming or Hiding? by Assia Bennani
Abstraction and figuration meet in this lively Surreal portrait. In this series, the artist questions the place left to dream and imagine in our busy modern lives and invites the viewer to escape. Acrylic on Canvas 25.4 W x 37.4 H x 1.2 D in
The Best in Contemporary Portraiture
Realistic portraits, figure studies, and nude forms—explore this classic subject matter in Saatchi Art's collection of the best emerging portrait art today. Explore over 50 works in our curated collection.
An expressionist, textured abstract painting in bright pink hues. Nature, Poetry Ideas, Color Pictures, Thought Quotes, Deep Thought, The Works
Up in the Tree by Silvia Schaumloeffel
Artist Silvia Schaumloeffel's paintings contain a sense of nature and of florals but do not depict a specific flower or element in nature. Gestural and energetic, the works feel instinctual and emotional. Oil on Wood 18.5 W x 16.5 H x 2 D in
A meditative abstract painting in soft hues of yellow. Abstract Art Acrylic, Art Acrylic, Acrylic On Canvas, Zen, Original Art
Are You In Love? by Arlina Cai
Ethereal and light, this acrylic painting is where modernist minimalism, Zen, and expressionism meet to create a contemporary and fresh take on abstract art. Acrylic on Canvas 40 W x 60 H x 2.5 D in