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several potted plants are lined up against a white wall
Tomatoes..or peas or beans
there is a small plant growing out of the rocks in this potted planter
a small balcony with potted plants on the wall
Donkey and the Carrot
Good idea but I would definitely dress it up more with a wooden trellis against the wall.
a bed made out of wooden pallets on a porch
Bloggen er fjernet
a small balcony with potted plants and pink cushions
tiny city garden
The key is not to overdo it, apparently
several different pictures of outdoor furniture made out of pallet boards and wood planks
Sandra, hus på landet mitt i stan.
utemöbler av pallar
a wooden deck with steps leading up to a small planter on the bottom level
Dagdrömmar & Verklighet
an outdoor kitchen made out of pallets and wooden planks with gardening utensils on the counter
Bar/ avlastning/ insynsskydd
an outdoor living area with black and white decor on the floor, couches and coffee table
Lite blandat från Huset Maj 2013. - Hemma hos lisalundgren
an outdoor living area with couches, tables and plants on the roof top deck
Summer Sales: Score Your Favorite Decor at Up to 70 Percent Off
Gorgeous Patio: Private and Functional. Love this look. I just have to figure out how to install semi permanent wall...
a wooden bench sitting on top of a hard wood floor
Pergola med sittbänk, kuddar och sittdynor
a small dog standing next to a coffee table
Marockanskt kakel på pallbord, Maria Elneskog via ROOM and serve 1
an outdoor deck with white furniture and potted plants on the side, along with two black couches
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