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a man riding on the back of a brown horse next to a tall white building
Henri Émilien Rousseau (French, 1875-1933) , Horseman leaving a palace | Christie's
a painting of men on horses in the desert with one man falling off his horse
الُسِلُامٌ ْعلُيَكِ يَا ابّا ْعبّدِ الُلُُه
a group of people sitting around each other in front of a building with shoes on the ground
Eugène Baugniès - The Dhikr
a painting of a person sitting on a rug in a room with wooden doors and windows
an image of a person walking in the middle of a desert with large rocks on either side
Door of Seth, Raphael Lacoste
Door of Seth, Raphael Lacoste on ArtStation at
an aerial view of some buildings and stairs
two people are walking through the desert near large rocks and an arch in the rock
The call, Maxime Schilde
ArtStation - The call, Maxime Schilde
a statue is floating in the water with it's arms spread out and hands outstretched
Philippe Gauberti. Galerie in Arte Veritas