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an old english book cover with trees in the background
Samhain Blessings Printable Card Celtic Triquetra Carved Pumpkin, Raven & Autumn Leaves Wreath Watercolor Art Fall Digital Notecard - Etsy
the word of the day is written in white on a black background with a half moon
#Repost @merriamwebster Lunette is the #wordoftheday . #language #languagelearning #merriamwebster #dictionary
a green background with the words woot to express happiness or excitement, usually over the internet
12 Popular Slang Words That Died In The 2000s
Woot: to express happiness or excitement, usually over the Internet
an image of a forest with the quote yugen
Just interrresting stoofs
a green background with the words hotsy - totsy above it and an image of
Dictionary.com | Meanings & Definitions of English Words
Today's Word of the Day was coined by a U.S. cartoonist in the 1920s. #wotd #wordoftheday #dictionarycom #words #definition #language #vocabulary
the words eunoa and beautiful thinking are written in black on a white background
the words orphic are written in black and white on a dark background with an image of
Words on X
Derived from Orpheus, a musician from Greek mythology who was so gifted that he could charm the earth to open up a path to Hades for him.
the words lacuna are written in white on a dark background with stars and clouds
Discover the Beauty of Words: Top Ideas for Expressive Language
a blue background with the words whooisi and an object or person whose name is not known or cannot be revealed
whoosis | Word of the Day | February 23, 2024
two people with their hands up in the air, and one person is raising their arms
28 Beautiful Travel Words that Describe Wanderlust Perfectly
Travel Words Hygge
an airplane flying in the sky with words above it that say haimish and honey cozy and unfrentious
Ironically, the word itself is pretty fucking pretentious.
a pink poster with the words dulcet
Todays #WordOfTheDay is: Dulcet A word with the synonyms #sweet, #mellifluous, #melodious, #musical, #melodic, #euphonious, #soothing, #mellow, #pleasant, #agreeable A cool way to give a #compliment