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a close up of a flower with very dark purple flowers in the center and green stems
Orchid expert warns that his exotic hobby is addictive
After Dark 'Black Diamond' is one of the black orchids, a Catasetinae, bred by Fred Clarke of Sunset Valley Orchids. The orchid is among a number he has created that are in a genus named for him, Fredclarkeara, abbreviated Fdk.
black flowers growing in a greenhouse with lots of green leaves on the planter's side
Back to Black: 6 Uniquely Dark, Beautiful Black Plants Indoor to Grow!
a pink flower with green leaves in the background
Acronia (Pleurothallis) forceps-cancri
two purple orchids with yellow tips and green stems in front of blurry background
This Orchid Looks Like an Adorable Flying Duck
a close up of a black flower with green leaves in the background
Black Orchid - Fredclarkeara Black Lace ‘Baker’s Dark Angel’
two white and yellow orchids with black spots on them
Brown and White Orchid
red orchids are blooming in a potted plant
The Secret Life of Orchids: Unleashing the Charm of Cymbidiums
someone is holding their finger over some plants that are growing out of the soil in front of them
Platystele jungermannioides
Platystele jungermannioides
three green and pink flowers with leaves on black background, one is blooming in the foreground