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a person's hand with red nail polish and a ring on their finger, showing the middle finger
a small tattoo on the side of a woman's leg that has a bow in it
a person holding their finger up with the fingers extended out to show an arrow tattoo
Instagram @dijellz | dijellza
a woman's chest with a small tattoo of two cats on the back of her neck
Eyebags: I will create your tattoo design with a real tattoo artist for $20 on
a person with a small flower tattoo on their arm
a woman's stomach with a small red flower tattoo on her lower back side
Sun with Dots 2-Week-Tattoo Inkster Elegant Tattoos, Mini Tattoos
a woman with a small tattoo on her arm holding a drink in it's hand
a tattoo on the arm of a woman with a crescent moon and flowers around it