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two olives on sticks sticking out of the top of a drink in a glass
Poolside Martini
IG: @carolineellisart Whether it be a decore poster for you bar cart, a statement piece in your dorm room, or a unique retro swimmer ode to the 1960s and 1970s, this olive vodka martini art print is perfect for any occasion. With a pinch of vintage summer slim aarons vibes and the ideal happy hour set up, this cocktail illustration is a fabulous representation and rendering of gossiping with the girls. This art print is a digital drawing using watercolor pen brushes on Procreate.
an oil painting of sliced oranges on a piece of paper
Cut Citrus
Small fruit painting, done from a still life observation. Warm fruit tones complement a cooler neutral background. Brings a bright pop of energy to any space!
drawing of a purple and pink eye made with oil pastels Pastel Eye Drawing, Pastel Easy Drawing, Oil Pastel Easy Drawing, Blend Oil Pastels, Draw With Oil Pastels, Oil Pastels Easy, Draw An Eye, Oil Pastel Colours, Oil Pastel Drawing
Oil Pastel Eye Drawing
Oil Pastels are a fun medium and especially great for beginners. You don't need any brushes or mediums to use oil pastels. In this step by step tutorial you can learn how to draw an eye with your oil pastels. oil pastel eye drawing | oil pastel drawing for beginners | how to draw with oil pastels | easy oil pastel painting