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an unfinished room with white shelves and plywood flooring on the top part of the wall
Cheap and Easy DIY IKEA Platform Bed with Storage
DIY Ikea Platform Bed From Kallax For Student Bed Via Pinterest Verriele
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three pairs of shoes are hanging on the wall next to a pair of boot holders
How to Transform Your Small Camper Interior with Clever Design Ideas
1. Choose fabrics that add comfort and texture. Use throws and rugs to add warmth and softness to your camper interior. You can also use natural materials such as wood and wicker furniture to give the space an earthy feel. 2. Install LED lighting to create an inviting atmosphere. Invest in dimmable light fixtures to provide enough light for activities, but not too much to make the space feel cramped.
the back side of a speaker with its door open
Screened Door Pet Guard - The Handy Camper
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a bed with a wooden frame and green line pointing to the other side that is labeled
Keep that bedding on tutorial!!
Keep that bedding on tutorial!!
a bed with blue sheets and a white sign that says how to make your own zippered bedding
DIY zippered bedding
the instructions for how to make a bed with ruffles and sheets on it
The SECRET to Kids Perfectly Making the Bed Every Day!
The SECRET to Kids Perfectly Making the Bed Every Day! • The Pinning Mama
two screenshots of the same product on facebook
a bed with an orange and white checkered cover on it, next to a pair of flip flops
DIY Zipper Bedding • Mid Century Mom
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there is a bed with shoes hanging on it
two photos side by side one has a bottle and the other has a dog