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the anatomy of a chicken is shown in this brochure, with information about it
How to Raise Chickens - All about Raising Organic, Backyard Chickens
very interesting. its not fair that this animal is made to be born to be killed for food when something else can be eaten. just because we can doesn't mean we should.
an info sheet with the words actions speak louder than words, and images of money
Are farmers really getting rich off high food prices?
the future of farming infographical poster with information about growing plants and how to use it
Crop Science US
We asked farmers about their hopes for the future and what they need to succeed, on and off the field. Here's how they answered. #FutureOfAg
the history of farming infographics for farmers and their families, with information about how to use them
Bayer Fund | Home
The American farmer - the original environmentalist.
the farm info sheet is shown with different animals and their names on it's side
Livestock Identification For Different Animal Species - Hobby Farms
If you're planning on raising livestock (whether backyard suburban chickens or free range cattle) get the info you need to choose the best meat to raise re: ratio for food, shelter, length of time to table, etc. The infographic compares different livestock species.
an info graphic showing the different types of grass
The project was done for a web site of an agricultural holding company – Agroreserv. I decided to present a complicated data about client’s assets
an info poster with different types of people and words on it, including farm animals
Security Check Required
Thank a farmer! Ag Infographic
a diagram showing the different types of vehicles and their connections to various locations in which they are connected
European Agricultural Machinery
Connected Agricultural Machines in Digital Farming | CEMA - European Agricultural Machinery
an info sheet with various types of water and plants in it, including the words hydro cycle
European Agricultural Machinery
Agrocycle: workshop explores sustainable agri-food value chains & business models | CEMA - European Agricultural Machinery