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a man standing next to a easel in a room
Mr David Hockney | The Interview | The Journal | MR PORTER
The great artist and snappy dresser David Hockney photographed...
a man in a green jacket and bow tie
(the atari generation)
David Hockney
a man with glasses and a surprised look on his face
The Face of the Artist - Photographs by John Hedgecoe.
David Hockney sur
a painting of a man wearing glasses and a tie with his hand on his chin
David Hockney by Andy Warhol.
a man sitting on the ground talking on a cell phone
David Hockney - National Portrait Gallery
david hockney by cecil beaton, via the national portrait gallery
David Hockney brillor och cigarr (1974) Tumblr, David Hockney Artist, Moving To Los Angeles, Leica Camera, Painting Landscape
David Hockney brillor och cigarr (1974)
a man with glasses is sitting in front of a blue vase and yellow tulips
Account Suspended
David Hockney by David Hockney
a man standing next to a wall with paintings on it
Artist and Studio
david hockney bit för bit
two men in striped shirts and yellow pants standing next to a basketball on the floor
David Hockney
an old man sitting on a bench wearing a hat and glasses with his arms crossed
David Hockney på stenbänk
a man in a suit and tie sitting on a chair next to a potted plant
David Hockney i stol
an old photo of a man on a raft in the water with two balls floating behind him
The Impossible Cool
David Hockney
a man in a tuxedo is holding a ball and sitting on a boat
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