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an electronic device with four different colored blocks and wires connected to each other on a white surface
Carrot Supply
an orange and white computer keyboard on a gray background
The Knob 1 Low-Profile Keyboard by Ben Fryc | Inspiration Grid
a green plastic device with four knobs on an orange and pink background, showing the top part of the device
Knobs and buttons
an electronic device with buttons and knobs attached to the front cover, on a white surface
the control panel is white and has buttons on each side with different numbers in them
Buttons Archives - leManoosh
按钮档案 - leManoosh
an electronic device with sound waves on it
Yuppieblaster on Behance
two electronic devices connected to each other on a white surface
an old fashioned radio is sitting on a white surface with a brown band around it
a white plate with a small clock on it's face, sitting on a wall
an orange object is shown on a gray background
Buttons Archives - leManoosh
Buttons Archives - leManoosh
two white keyboards sitting next to each other on top of a table with red wires