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a butterfly made out of fruit on top of a table
The COOLEST Party Platter Ideas! Veggie trays & Fruit Trays Gone WILD!
Watermelon Fruit Cake Tutorial
This “cake” was so fun to make and honestly easy. It made a perfect Mother’s Day dish. Like & Follow for more DIYs
Mango Cheesecake Charlotte
No Bake Mango Cheesecake – the most beautiful and unbelievably delicious mango cheesecake. All you need is some simple ingredients: mango juice, ladyfingers, cream cheese, sugar, whipped cream, mango and gelatin. Perfect for a holiday party or a special occasion such as birthday and Mother’s Day! #MangoCheesecake #NobakeCheesecake
a bowl filled with cheetos sitting on top of a table
Christmas Crack Chex Mix
This recipe for Christmas Crack Chex Mix is the best appetizer for Christmas parties and is great to snack on during the holidays! With just a few ingredients, you will be enjoying a homemade treat that you can also give to family and friends as a gift!