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Soothing Smoothing Glue Art
SAVE this super fun GLUE ART craft idea! @elmersproducts recently launched a great online inspiration hub; Elmers Creations. 🙌🏻 Make sure to check out all of the wonderful ideas you can do with your Elmer’s Glue on their website; visit my stories for more info! MATERIALS: 1. A canvas 2. Elmer’s White School Glue 3. Acrylic paint 4. A squeegee (A ruler can also work) 5. Painters tape INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Secure your canvas to a flat surface with painter’s tape 2. Use your Elmer’s White Glue bottle like a pen to draw a design onto the canvas 3. Let it dry for 30 minutes or leave it overnight 4. Once dry dot your canvas with acrylic paints. You can add as many colors and dots as you like 5. Use your squeegee and sweep the paint from the top to the bottom 6. Once dry (or straight after)
the top 10 roles for kids to play with in their house and on the ground
three different types of waffles and raspberries in a wooden bowl
Spinach Banana Waffles - Feeding Tiny Bellies
Spinach Banana Waffles - Feeding Tiny Bellies
sweet potato pancakes for baby Thermomix, Homemade Baby Foods, Sweet Potato Toddler Recipes, Baby Sweet Potato Recipe, Sweet Potato Baby Food, Sweet Potato Puree Baby
Sweet Potato Pancakes For Baby, Toddler Kids / Baby Led Weaning Pancakes With Sweet Potato Puree
Super soft, moist sweet potato pancakes for baby made with sweet potato puree, great for babies 6 months+, baby led weaning including toddlers and older kids. To make these baby sweet potato pancakes you need just one bowl and a few basic ingredients, no sugar needed. For toddlers and older kids, you can dress the sweet potato pancakes up with fresh fruit, syrup, or yogurt. #sweetpotatopancakes #pancakesforbaby #babypancakes #sweetpotatobabyfood #toddlerbreakfast #kidbreakfast #babyledweaning
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several bowls and spoons with food in them on a white table top next to utensils
Rainbow weaning suction plate baby silicone tableware
a close up of a baby laying on its mother's lap with her eyes closed
peach cauliflower baby food puree is in a bowl and on a plate
Peach + Cauliflower Baby Food Puree with Ginger