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an open medicine cabinet filled with personal care items
2 $9 jewellery boxes from kmart make an awesome wall cabinet in my bathroom. Goodbye disorder and hello convinience!
a small doll house with jewelry on display
Kmart house for jewellery storage. Photo from the wholesome housewife Instagram
a white vase sitting on top of a table next to a wooden frame with jewelry
Lux Hax
No more necklace tangles or widowed earrings! This easy Kmart-slash-IKEA hack will turn your jewelry collection into a display-worthy piece of art and home organisation triumph!
the bathroom sink is clean and ready to be used by someone in the room with it's own toothbrush holder
a white frame holding several different necklaces
Kmart frame as jewellery holder
a white frame with jewelry hanging on it
Kmart frame as jewellery holder
two mirrors with necklaces hanging on them in front of a wall mounted jewelry rack
Kmart frame as jewellery holder
a wooden table topped with lots of items next to a white sink and counter top
Kmart towel rack as storage unit
three potted plants sit on a shelf in front of a wall mounted planter
Kmart towel rack turned into plant stand
a can of spray paint next to an item on the facebook page that says it's 2x
Kmart painted bread tins
the shelves are filled with legos and toys
photo frame from Kmart turned into a super cool Lego characters frame. using Lego tape and coloured paper.