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a silver dolphin statue on a white background
three white flower shaped pillows sitting on top of each other
˚ ꒰⑦ ₓ 🌼꒱ ◞
a silver flower on a white background with clippings to the left and right side
ourbiria on instagram.
a white stuffed animal with a pink hat and yellow scarf on it's neck
🎀̫ ۫ 𝐍e͟ɯׅ ⃕ ყׁυׅꪱ թׄᜊׅ᥉ׄƚׅ ૮₍ 𝁽ܫ𝁽 ₎ა ˒ ゛
Not mine !! ヾ(´︶`♡)
a glass ball with water lilies on it's surface and bubbles in the air