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a poster with some plants in it and the words, refresh your home with faux green plants
Refresh your home with faux green plants
We LOVE the look of plants, but unfortunately, lack the green thumb they require to keep alive. If this sounds like you, consider some faux plants to brighten up the space with no work on your part. Through our assortment of green plants, you're sure to find the one for you. Refresh your home in a simple way, today.
a poster with different types of chairs and tables
Your Season Through Furniture
We're all trying to learn our color palette to update our nails, hair, and wardrobes. But what about our homes? If you're a 🌸spring🌸 take a look at some of the colorful furniture pieces that suit you best. Maybe even take a chance on an item you wouldn't have thought to purchase before!
Transform your home to a California casual style through these gorgeous and quality furniture and decor pieces. Trending Furniture, California Casual, Furniture Patio, Adjustable Base, Shop Furniture, Furniture Bedroom, Top Trending, Box Spring, Earthy Tones
California Casual
California casual is on the rise, and we have what you need to incorporate these beautiful coastal pieces into your home. These earthy tones and soft, light finished woods will transform your space into a sanctuary.🏖️