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a pair of purple baby shoes sitting on top of a table
How to make a shoe for dolls,gnomes using a kinder egg and felt.
How to make a shoe for dolls,gnomes using a kinder egg and felt. - YouTube
an image of different types of eyes with the words scary on them in black and white -&nbsptemplate kid Resources and Information.
Felt Owl Template Printable Googly Eyes - Appliques on Pinterest Applique Templates, Applique Patterns
a close up of a stuffed animal with eyes
Muppet eyes...for a wedding photo booth perhaps?
two baby dolls sitting next to each other with the text free pattern diy doll diapers for fun dress - up and role play
DIY Doll Diapers – Free Pattern + Tutorial! - Cucicucicoo
Accessorize your child’s favorite dolls and stuffed animals with these easy DIY doll diapers! Use the free pattern, fleece and velcro and the imaginative fun and role playing can begin! #dolldiaper #diydolldiaper #dolldiaperpattern #dollclothes
an image of a diagram of the inside of a boot with parts labeled in it
How to make a sock monkey by hand... my mum was ACTUALLY pondering this mystery but weeks ago.
the diagram shows how to make an arm and leg from a sewing pattern, as well as measurements for each part of the body
How to Make a Doll from a Sock
Vintage Crafts and More - How to Make a Doll from a Sock 2 of 2
the diagram shows different types of gloves and footwear that are used to protect them from falling
a pair of baby shoes made out of felt
Free Doll Shoe Patterns
Free Doll Shoe Patterns - Bing images
three different images of bowls and spoons on a table
a hand holding a piece of white wool in it's left palm and finger
Валяем миниатюрные лапки для игрушек
Fantastic Hand Tutorial for Mouse. That would work for human dolls, too. Lots of photos! Master-Klasse zum Erstellen von Miniatur-Beine - Messe Masters - handmade, handmade